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CMH Medical College & IOD | SHaPE



School of Health Professions’ Education (SHaPE)

CMH LMC & IOD is a premier seat of learning and education. Affiliated with the National University of Medical Sciences it boasts great potential for growth and further development. Great advancements in the teaching and learning strategies, faculty development and curriculum designs are being made world-wide. A number of programs that build capacity of health professionals in the area of medical education are being run by reputable organizations nationally and internationally. Department of Health Professions’ Education has been established at CMH Lahore Medical College & Institute of Dentistry with the following objectives:


1. Establishment of International linkages with Universities and Organizations in the area of Medical Education & Research.
2. Establishment of WHO and SAARC Centre of Excellence in Medical Education and Health Professions Research.
3. Establishment of FAIMER Centre in collaboration with University of Chicago, Illinois, USA.
4. Start Postgraduate Programs in Health Professions including but not limited to, Masters in Health Professions Education, PhD in Health Professions Education, Masters in Health Informatics, Masters in Biostatistics, Masters in Health Economics and Management.
5. Conduct Certificate Course of Faculty / Teacher training Program for all affiliated and constituent Colleges of NUMS.
6. Conduct regular faculty development Programs, workshops, seminars etc.
7. Training Army Personnel (Medical Cadets) of specific countries e.g. KSA, UAE, Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc in Medical Education through enrolment in on-line / blended learning program.
8. Run orientation week for new student inductees.
9. Hold yearly conferences.
10. Publish a journal of CMH LMC &; IOD Medical Education & Research.
11. Promote and conduct ground-breaking research in all areas of Health Professions Education based on National needs and International trend.
12. Review and revise curricula.
13. Faculty Evaluation and feedback.
14. Continuing professional development activities.
15. Quality Assurance of Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs.
16. Any other with the permission of the competent authority.


Dr. Junaid Sarfraz Khan

Dean - SHaPE / Professor & HOD
Dr. Rizwana Kamran

Dr. Rizwana Kamran

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

shakila haseeb

Dr. Shakila Mushtaq

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Dr. Mahwash

Dr. Mahwash Saleem Khan Tareen


Dr. Khadija Amjad


Dr. Saba Iqbal Arain

Assistant Professor

Miss Kinza Hussain

Senior Demonstrator

Dr. Ayesha Naveed

Assistant Professor