Department of Physiology

Sitting L – R:- Dr. Muhammad Ilyas, Dr. Qudsia Umaira Khan, Dr. Ambreen Tousaeef, Prof. Dr. Shahid Hasan, Prof. Dr. Farida Hafeez, Prof. Dr. Tanzeela Akram, Prof. Dr. Farhat Khurram


Standing 1 L – R:- Dr. Mehwish Qamar, Dr. Abeer Fatima, Dr. Amna Nadeem, Dr. Sidra Zahid, Dr. Haseeb Ahmed Khan, Dr. Ayesha Khalid, Dr. Sarah Azam


Standing 2 L – R:- Dr. Hurria Hannan, Dr. Umme Farwa, Dr. Aamina Qadus

Prof. Dr. Farida Hafeez


The Physiology Department since inception of the college has made a steady and noteworthy progress. The department is headed by Prof. Dr. Shahid Hasan ably supported by a team of seasoned and experience teachers. This department is well known for providing not only world class training to the under-graduates but also in breeding curiosity to know the unknown. The faculty members of this department who are highly qualified and dedicated are the source of inspiration for all their students to seek guidance for their academic and professional excellence. They along with the Head of the Department have established an up-to-date laboratory as well as BIOPAC student lab that is an integrated life science teaching solution that includes hardware, software and curriculum materials that students and faculty use to record data from their own bodies, animals or tissue preparations. A post-graduate section has been established where, under permission from the NUMS University we hope to start our M.Phil (Physiology) classes in the very near future.

Prof. Dr. Tanzeela Waqar

Professor / MBBS,M.Phil (Physiology)

Dr. Ambreen Azhar

Associate Professor / MBBS, M.Phil (Physiology)

Dr. Huma Saeed Khan

Associate Professor / B.Sc, MBBS, M.Phil

Prof. Dr. Farhat Khurram Rana

Assistant Professor / MBBS, M.Phil

Dr. Qudsia Umaira Khan

Assistant Professor / MBBS, M.Phil

Dr. Ayesha Akmal

Assistant Professor/ MBBS M.Phil

Dr. Muhammad Ilyas

Demonstrator / MBBS

Dr. Mehwish Qamar

Demonstrator / MBBS

Dr. Sidra Zahid

Demonstrator / MBBS, M.Phil

Dr. Syeda Abeer Fatima

Demonstrator / MBBS

Dr. Aamina Nadeem

Demonstrator / MBBS

Dr. Haseeb Ahmed Khan

Demonstrator / MBBS, M.phil (Physiology)

Dr. Ayesha Khaild

Demonstrator / MBBS

Dr. Um-e-Farwa

Demonstrator / MBBS

Dr. Hurria Hannan Khaild

Demonstrator / MBBS

Dr. Sarah Saad

Demonstrator / MBBS

Dr. Aamina Quddus Qureshi

Demonstrator / MBBS

Dr. Sarah Azam

Demonstrator / MBBS

Dr. Asma Khan

Demonstrator / BDS
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