Community Medicine

Sitting L – R:- Dr. Mujadad Ahmed, Dr Tahira Ahsan, Lt. Col. (R) Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Ch MPH (USA) , Dr. Irum Ghazanfar, Dr. Shireen


Standing 1 L – R:- Dr. Bushra Asif, Miss Bushra Amin

Dr. Ashraf Chaudhary (Comm Med)

Lt. Col. (R) Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Ch MPH (USA)


Lt. Col. (R) / Professor / MBBS, DHP,MPH (USA), MSc (Med Adm), FCPS

Academic Activities:

Following academic activities were conducted during 2018:

a.Total no of lectures & Practicals given to 3’d year & 4th year MBBS = 300

b.Class evaluation tests in 3rd year MBBS = 02

c.Class evaluation tests in 4th year MBBS =04

  1. Lectures to 1St & 2nd year MBBS have been started as part of integrated
    modular system.
  2. Class group discussions were conducted & presentations and home assignments were given to the students of 3`d year and 4th year MBBS on different topics.
  3. Educational field visits to SKMH, Rising son, SOS Village, Family Planning center & School Health Survey were conducted. Research oriented Household Survey of ORs/JCO quarters was also organized.
  4. Conducting and supervising different research projects of the class 4th year MBBS
  5. Total number of lectures given to BS Nursing (Community Health Nursing & Applied Nutrition)             =          70
  6. Class evaluation test BS Nursing             =          06
  7. Class evaluation test 3`d year BS Nursing =          04
  8. Besides traditional way of giving lectures, students were also given home assignments. Presentations, Demonstration & role play were also used as teaching methods in Applied Nutrition.
  1. 3rd year BS Nursing
  2. Lecture on CHN II =          28
  3. Lecture on Epidemiology =          29
  4. Lecture on Biostatistics          =          29

Dr. Tahira Ahsan

Assistant Professor / MBBS, MPH

Dr. Hina Mahmood

Assistant Prof. / M.B.B.S. M Phil (Com Med) (Pb) R.M.P

Brig Haroon Rashid(R)

Associate Professor/ MBBS, MSc, DPH

Lt Col (R) Khizer Iqbal Mufti

Senior Lecturer / MBBS, MCPS, MSc

Dr. Shireen

Senior Demonstrator

Dr. Bushra Asif

Demonstrator / MBBS

Dr. Mujadad Ahmed Khan

Demonstrator / MBBS, BSc

Dr. Fizza Anwar

Demonstrator / MBBS

Miss Bushra Amin


Noshaba Razzaq

Medical Social Worker / Bsc, MSc, M.Phil, PhD(Cont.)
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