Department of Anatomy

Sitting L – R:- Dr. Gull Snober, Dr. Tayyaba Mahmud, Dr. Shaista Arshad, Prof. Dr. Nazreen Sharif, Prof. Dr. Uzma Naseer, Prof. Dr. Ansa Rabia, Dr. Amina Liaqat


Standing I L – R:– Dr. Saman Rauf, Dr. Ayesha Noor, Dr. Amna Khalid, Dr. Aftab Arif, Dr. Aisha Zeeshan, Dr. Ayesha Taimur, Dr. Falaq Shahid


Prof.Dr. Nazreen Sharif

HOD & Professor


Academic Activities:

  1. Anatomy department has to teach MBBS V& 2″d years, BDS 1″ year, MID 1′ year, DPT 1st & 2nd years and Nursing 1′ year. On the whole, 715 students are taught by 5 senior faculty members and 13 demonstrators. For MBBS, BDS classes, Anatomy department has been allocated 55% of the academic hours/week in which students are taught in small and large groups.
  2. There is addition of Allied Health Sciences this year. 100 students of DPT and MID each are taught by our four faculty members, 4 hours/week.
  3. All faculty members teach 1′ year nursing class comprising 40 students in two semesters.


Academic Achievements by Dr.Nazreen Shaif:

  1. Teaching Anatomy to MBBS lst& 2“d year, BDS 1′ year, Nursing 1′ year & Allied Health Sciences (DPT& MID).
  2. Paper Setter & Paper Assessor for UHS & NUMS, for undergraduate &  postgraduate examinations (M Phil, MBBS, BDS and Diplomas).
  3. Internal & External examiner for MBBS, BDS & Nursing Professional examinations.
  4. M H PE thesis in writing process.
  5. Reviewer of FCPS Anatomy Synopsis

Prof. Dr. Uzma Naseer

Professor / MBBS, M.Phil

Prof. Dr. Ansa Rabia

Professor / MBBS, M.Phil

Dr. Shaista Arshad Jarral

Associate Professor / MBBS, M.Phil

Dr. Tayyaba Mahmud

Assistant Professor / MBBS, M.Phil

Dr. Falaq Shahid

Demonstrator / MBBS

Dr. Sara Ismail

Demonstrator / MBBS, MSc (Dermatology)

Dr. Ayesha Taimur

Demonstrator / MBBS

Dr. Saman Rauf

Demonstrator / MBBS

Dr. Arwa Khawar

Demonstrator / MBBS

Dr. Tayyaba Tahir

Demonstrator / MBBS

Dr. Gull Snobar

Demonstrator / MBBS

Dr. yuman Muzafar

Demonstrator / MBBS

Dr. Marium Ikhlas

Demonstrator / MBBS

Dr. Hammad Ali

Demonstrator / MBBS

Dr. Rohina Khizer Mufti

Demonstrator / MBBS
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