Department of Oral Medicine

Sitting L – R:- Dr. Aiman, Dr. Fareed Ahmad, Dr. Muhammad Shairaz Sadiq, Dr. Alina Saeed,

Dr. Fareed Ahmad

HOD & Assistant Professor / BDS, MCPS (Oral Surgery), CHPE

Academic Activities:

  • Lectures (2 lectures in a week).
    • Clinical training / demonstrations of a batch per week for 3 weeks. Medical emergencies / conditions management training.
    • Pain / neuralgia management clinic.
    • Oral lesions / precancerous conditions assessment, management clinic. OSPE sessions, assignments, small group discussions, role plays.
    • Class tests, Viva, Mid-term and send up exam.
    • Introduction to research.
    • Literature review / evidence based practice group discussions

Dr. Muhammad Shairaz Sadiq

Associate Professor / BDS, MCPS (Oral Surgery), CHPE

Dr. Amel Ali

Demonstrator / BDS

Dr. Ayesha Noor

Demonstrator / BDS

Dr. Bareerah Idrees

Demonstrator / BDS

Dr. Zaid Bin Sohail

Demonstrator / BDS

Dr. Aiman Malik

Demonstrator / BDS

Dr. Mehek Javed

Demonstrator / BDS