Dr. Bilal Abdul Qayum Mirza

Dr. Bilal Abdul Qayum Mirza BDS, Post Grad Community Dentistry Professor
Heads the Department of Community and Preventive Dentistry<br /> Institute of Dentistry

Prof. Bilal Abdul Qayum Mirza received his BDS from the Baqai Medical University Karachi. He has done in Post graduation in 2010. He has initiated the School Health Program /Outreach program for the identification of caries and periodontal issues. The early identification and early treatment of these issues decreases the bulk of the disease and improves the quality of life.

Prof. Dr. Bilal, Heads the Department of Community and Preventive Dentistry in Institute of Dentistry CMH Lahore Medical College, has over 11 years of teaching experience to undergraduate dental students. He has 19 publications in both national and international journals to his credit. He has attended numerous workshops, seminars, continuing health professional education course and webinars over his academic career.

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