Dr. Aqsa Shafique

Dr. Aqsa Shafique DEMONSTRATOR / MBBS, BSc., MPH (Ongoing)

Dr. Aqsa Shafique, a graduate of CMH LMC & IoD. Currently she is enrolled in the fourth semester in the Masters of Science in Public Health programme at Health Services Academy. She has 7 years organisational experience in International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations at multiple leadership positions in Medical Education, Capacity Building and Executive positions nationally and internationally. To highlight, she has been the Regional Assistant for Asia Pacific, the National Officer for the Standing Committee on Medical Education. She has also been the Vice President for Capacity building for two terms, followed by a term as President. Currently, she is the Vice President for Capacity Building at the UNESCO International Chair in Bioethics Student Association and has been selected as the Publications team for the term 2022-2023 in Junior Doctors Network. She has submitted three research articles for publication and is working on multiple research projects with various teams. At the moment she is working on various workshops, courses, diplomas and fellowships, having launched 2 diplomas and 6 courses. She is actively engaged in approval of 16 more courses/+diplomas and is working with her team on 34 more courses/+diplomas.

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