Fee Structure 2015-16

  • Fee Structure 2015- 16 (click to view)


    1. Fee is payable at the time of admission.
    2. Local students can pay the fee through pay order in the name of CMH Lahore Medical College and Institute of Dentistry.
    3. Foreign students need to pay the fee mentioned in USD through banking channel as remittance from abroad.
    4. Below is the bank details for remittance of funds from abroad:
    Title of Account: CMH Lahore Medical College and Institute of Dentistry
    Bank: Askari Bank Limited, Tufail Road Branch, Lahore Cantt., Pakistan.
    Bank Account no: 130001452-7, Branch Code 11, Swift Code ASCMPKKA, IBAN
    PK83ASCM 0000 111 3000 14527.
    5. Foreign students need to pay the amount mentioned in PKR here in college through pay order as per the account title mentioned above.
    6. Above mentioned fee and charges are subject to change without notice, may be enhanced @7% annually as per PM&DC regulation vide their letter dated 15 October 2014.
    7. The College administration does not take the responsibility of sending the reminders to Parents/Guardians for the payment of fee.
    8. Detained students will be charged as per PM &DC regulations.
    9. If foreign students do not comply with the specified tax exemption conditions then College will collect the advance tax as per prevailing rates.
    10. Hostel accommodation is subject to availability.
    11. Use of hostel accommodation is subject to College rules and regulations.
    12. Use of electric appliances in hostel accommodation will be charged separately.
    13. Use of mess and laundry is mandatory for hostilities.
    14. Refund of security deposit is subject to clearance process.
    15. In case of any further query, please contact accounts dept at ext. no 134.

    Refund Policy

    College follows the policy which is given by the National University of Medical Sciences/PM&DC for refund of admission and tuition dues to the students, and is subject to change as per the direction of National University of Medical Sciences and PM&DC.

    Present policy is as under:-

    (a) Within two weeks after the starting of classes Full fee will be refunded after deduction of admission fee.

    (b) Within one month of starting of classes 50% of total deposit will be refunded.

    (c) After one month of starting classes There will be No Refund.

    Migration Policy

    a. The prevailing migration policy of NUMS/PMDC will be followed.

    b. 100% prevailing fee structure for the particular class along with admission fee and other allied charges will be charged irrespective of the month of migration.

    c. Fee will be collected in form of pay order / demand draft only.

    d. No refund will be given to outgoing Migration cases irrespective of the month of migration.

    Detainees Policy

    a. Student repeating the year shall be charged 25% less for one year only. After that full yearly fee shall be charged.

    b. Fee will be collected like regular students on the due date.

    c. After the announcement of supplementary result the additional tuition fee (if any) will be adjusted in the next year fee.

    Hostel Policy

    Refundable Hostel Security

    All the hostelites are required to deposit refundable hostel security amounting Rs.20,000/- (Twenty thousand only) before joining.

    Room Rent Charges

    a. Hostel room rent charges amounting Rs 72,000/- (Rs 6,000 pm) will be collected annually along with college tuition fee (in advance) wef 1st Nov 2014.

    b. In case of joining during the academic year full dues will be charged, which will be adjusted on monthly basis.

    c. Hostel room rent of final year hostelites (passing out batch) will be charged on fortnightly basis at the time of college final clearance.

    Mess Dues

    a. All the Hostelites will pay their mess dues directly to the mess contractor.

    Air Conditioning Dues

    a. AC dues will be charged on monthly basis

    Single Room Rs 8,000/-pm

    More than one Rs 4,000/-pm
    occupant per occupant

    Laundry Charges

    Annual laundry charges Rs 6,000/- (Rupees 500/- per month) will be charged. In case of long vacation unutilized balance under this head will be refunded along with hostel security after hostel clearance.

    Refund of Hostel Dues

    1. Hostel security and unutilized hostel room rent will be refunded after hostel clearance.

    2. Filled hostel clearance form is required to be submitted to Accounts and Finance Dept for the processing of refund case.

    General Instructions Regarding Fee Deposit

    (a) Payment in installment will not be accepted.

    (b) All figures quoted in the fee rates are subject to change without notice.

    (c) The dates for payment of the fee are fixed and are notified in the beginning of year on notice boards.

    (d) The college administration does not take responsibility of sending reminders to parents/guardians.

    (e) Students will not be allowed to appear in University Examination unless all dues are fully cleared prior to the University Examination.

    (f) Fine and penalties are as under;

    i. A fine of Rs 100/- per day will be charged if fee is paid within 31 days of due date (1st - 31st Oct).

    ii. A fine of Rs 200/- per day will be charged if fee is paid after 31 days of due date (1st 30th Nov).

    iii. If a student fails to pay after 61 days (without valid reason) of due date, he will be suspended from attending classes till he/she pays the dues with fine.

    iv. If a student does not pay after 91 days of due date without any written permission, he/she will be suspended from the college rolls. In case of re-admission he/she will have to pay full admission fee.

    v. Last date for depositing of annual dues is 30th September of every year for MBBS / BDS from 2nd year onward.